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November 9, 2023

PaxMedica's Chief Medical Officer Discusses FDA Meeting Highlights on The Bell2Bell Podcast

David Hough shared key updates following PaxMedica's recent meeting with the FDA, highlighting pivotal achievements

InvestorBrandNetwork (IBN)

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IBN, a leading communications organization focused on linking public companies to the investment community, has unveiled the latest episode of The Bell2Bell Podcast, featuring an exclusive interview with David Hough, Chief Medical Officer at PaxMedica.

In this engaging episode, David Hough shared key updates following PaxMedica's recent meeting with the FDA, highlighting pivotal achievements such as:

  • FDA discussion of PaxMedica's data from the PAX-HAT 301 Study and comprehensive nonclinical programs.
  • PAX-HAT-301 study confirmed as positive evidence for African Sleeping Sickness treatment, expected to result in substantial time and resource savings for PaxMedica.
  • FDA acknowledgment of PaxMedica's comprehensive nonclinical program, including safety pharmacology, ADME, and toxicology studies.
  • Waivers granted for the thorough QT/QTc studies, affirming data relevance to the patient population.
  • 2024 NDA submission anticipation underscores PaxMedica's commitment to neglected tropical disease treatments.

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Join the esteemed host, Bell2Bell's Stuart Smith, and David Hough, the Chief Medical Officer of PaxMedica, Inc. (Nasdaq: PXMD), to gain deeper insights into the company's recent FDA meeting.

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About PaxMedica Inc.

PaxMedica, Inc.  is a forward-looking clinical-stage biopharmaceutical firm specializing in cutting-edge anti-purinergic drug therapies (APT) aimed at addressing a range of challenging neurologic disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT). Our portfolio encompasses critical areas within the neurology field, with a focus on pioneering advancements in both ASD and HAT treatments. We are dedicated to the continuous development and evaluation of our pioneering program, PAX-101-an intravenous suramin formulation that lies at the heart of our efforts, particularly focused on innovative ASD and HAT treatment solutions. Our ongoing research initiatives not only prioritize the needs of ASD and HAT patients but also extend to exploring potential therapeutic applications for related conditions. To learn more about our transformative work, please visit